To all the female comedians…

I’m sorry you have to put up with so much shit. Every few weeks, I hear a female comic talk about some unidentified male comic that abused her in some way. It absolutely sucks to hear and it’s actually upsetting when I’m told the stories and never get a name. I understand the fear of being pegged “difficult” and I honestly don’t know how I would even be able to help. (I, myself, am also in that weird part of the career where the “gatekeepers” only let me peek through the windows.)

There are way too many gossipers in comedy and in a medium where so much of your life is public, I understand that some parts of your life you want to keep private. So I’ll just say, I’m sorry for all the comics that send you mean texts, that try to bash you on twitter, that take away your shows, that physically hurt you (which is crazier when you know most male comics don’t try to hit men) and that just don’t see you as a peer.

Its upsetting that there will always be this guard when you hang out in this “boy’s club” but I understand that you are just protecting yourself. What is even more insane is that the “boy’s club” is actually produced, arranged, represented and discovered mostly by powerful women in the industry.

I know how hard it is to gain any notoriety in this business as is and I acknowledge how much harder it is for a woman. This past weekend a female comic hosted my shows and did absolutely amazing. Amongst all the compliments (which there were many) I heard a few, “I didn’t think she’d be funny because she was a girl.” I can’t imagine how much it stings to try to succeed in a career when at your best moments someone has to sprinkle in those kind of comments.

I’m definitely not saying this to score any points with the girls. I just adore funny women, as I was raised watching so many. I hope that every female comic who told me about “some creep” or “shitty boyfriend” knows that I actually was concerned and I’m honestly sorry that happened. As for the “creeps”, women aren’t owed to you. The minute you understand that, you will finally realize the actual human being you have standing in front of you.

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