Sacramento Punchline

Everyone's A Comedian

So the weekend was killer. Great shows all around. I had no clue I was in Cali’s capitol city. The bartender at the comedy club and I had a “young off”. We both tried to top each other on all the crap we get for looking young.

I don’t remember everything we said but here were the top two.

I said, “I got carded for fuel injection cleaner.”

He said, “I got carded for Redbull.”

He won.

I had a Smashburger and filled out an online survey for some free fries. That was the big thing I did on this trip.

This lady bit my hair while she took a picture with me. As a man, I had to take it but I did say under my breath, “ouchie.”

Now I’m headed back to the Bay for one last weekend. Lets make something ridiculous happen.

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