My Monterey Adventure! Planet Gemini!

Ok so I’ve spent the past two weekends performing in Monterey. Here’s some of the highlights I remember.

– Being told by an older gentleman that I literally made him pee his pants because he has a bad bladder.

– Running into an old high school friend that I haven’t seen since 2000.

– Finding and wearing a hot dog suit.

– Closing out the night singing Total Eclipse of the Heart. (Someone has that video)

– Shooting guns for the first time. (On Lucky Ones Ranch)

– Being really creepy to girls. Here’s a list of things I told them.
– I want to sniff your ass like it’s fine wine. Just wave your butt underneath my nose.
– I got a job for you. Working this dick!
– Grab my ass like you mean it!

– Not getting slapped for being creepy. (I out-creeped every dude at the bar but one [He freaked me out].)

– Hot Dog Bun Dessert

– Running into a van full of people that recognized me at a random gas station.

– Having people travel to see me! That is always a bright moment in my world.

– Big Painted People Cut Outs!

– Seeing a homeless guys with pet rabbits and hearing him sing, “Here comes Peter Cottontail!”

– Someone saying they love “Railroad Tracks” and telling us we can rap.

– Taking a picture with a girl who pulled her shirt down to show more cleavage, I laid my head on her and then she immediately picked up her shirt. That’ll teach her. Don’t try to out creep me.

I’ve been very lucky to have performed at the same venue 3 times this month. This last time I told a lot of stories that I never get to tell. Even though I got a flat tire at the end of the trip, it was all good. I licked faces and danced like crazy. I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Weirdest thing – Seeing the same people checking into rooms at the hotel I was staying at every weekend I was there. They never came out to one show. They only wanted to sing karaoke.

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