So people are upset with Ben and Jerry’s Lin-sanity Ice Cream because one of the ingredients was fortune cookies. I understand getting upset when the subject that is being offended cannot defend itself, like frogs being depicted as lovers of pigs. Jeremy Lin is a person! If he doesn’t give a shit, why should anyone else? How cool is having your own ice cream.

Okay so fortune cookies are essentially Japanese but the version everyone is used to is very USA! In fact, fortune cookies are considered as American as salsa. The largest manufacturer of fortune cookies is based in Brooklyn, New York.* If anything, fortune cookies should be offended for being considered Chinese.

Getting offended has become too popular in the US. We need to accept that we are only really offended because we don’t know where the hell half of our culture comes from. If China and Japan don’t associate themselves with the fortune cookie then why are Americans in an uproar. Let Ben and Jerry’s put fortune cookies in their ice cream because in the end isn’t misinformed racism America’s favorite ingredient?

Nothing is as delicious as frozen creamy ignorance.

*Jeremy Lin plays for the New York Knicks. Coincidence?

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