Life gets strange. Find the fun in it.

I’ve been heckled by dry erase board at a computer hackers conference.
I’ve interviewed a man while he was suspended by hooks at a tattoo convention.
I got flown out to New York to be ignored over dinner and drinks.
I’ve been to Italy twice.
I hit a deer in Kansas.
I lived in Miami for 2 months and wrote for a TV channel that went under before it launched.
I’ve been paid thousands for minutes and got shorted at a charity gig.
I’ve met so many people.
I’ve had countless amounts of coffee.
I’ve worked with some of the most talented people.
I’ve eaten dinner with some of the top.
I was told by a billionaire how he believes success unshared is failure.
I was told by a great dad that he accepts that he’ll be poor forever, so he just wants to keep his kids happy.
I’ve spent hours hearing people laugh and even more hours laughing at myself.
I’ve seen delusion and humility in the same night.
I got to make one of my idols laugh.
I got to be announced on the Tonight Show.
I got to watch two of my comedy inspirations do my favorite Christmas joke.
I’ve been accepted into so many lives. I’ve been invited to so many homes.
I’ve also spent lots of time alone.
I’ve been able to meet women that I should have never had a chance with.
And got to get breakfast with them.
I’ve stared at the stars while stopping on the side of the highway on the way back from a road gig. It’s nice when the world is dark so the sky can shine.
I did a little bar in Rockport and rocked 15,000 in San Jose.
I’ve made fun of cops, gangsters, wives, brahs, old and young.
I have some of the funniest people you’d know as friends.
I’ve listened to life. Life has told me to live.
I’ve listened to my heart. And my heart has told me to give.
Life gets strange. Find the fun in it.

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