Hugging the Rush

Chasing after laughter is very childish.

In fact, once a child knows how to make you laugh, they will repeat whatever they did again and again. It’s like a little madman that invented a gold making machine and just keeps hitting the lever.

Throughout our lives, humor is quieted. Sometimes quickly. It’s a disruption. Because once the madmen remember the first time they felt that power, the adrenaline of making people laugh, it’s on! Yes! Laugh until it hurts! Until you can’t sit! You might even have to leave the room!

Making someone leave the room because they have to escape the funny is so exhilarating.

Most of the time we’re talking to people, we’re trying to figure out how to leave conversations. It’s so great when the people leave themselves.

So being a comic is childish. But it’s also one of the purest emotions. There’s nothing better than laughter and orgasms. The response of either is a moment where you feel a “human” accomplishment. You can follow directions and bake a cake. You can pump enough quarters into the arcade to defeat the boss. But making someone laugh is a personal power.

You’re hugging their soul and tickling their brain. Oh god what a rush!

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