Drake and Chris Brown Fight!

Let’s be honest. Drake and Chris Brown’s fight was probably lame. Here’s how I imagine it went.

Drake: Hey you got problems with me?

Chris Brown: Are you a chick and/or a chair?

Drake: I’m Canadian.

Chris Brown: Sorry, I don’t fight the handicapped.

Drake: That’s hurtful on two levels. My nationality and because I played a wheelchair bound rapper on TV.

They walk away from each other.

Chris Brown: (To Entourage) Hey, my man, give him this bottle of champagne.

Random guy takes bottle of champagne to Drake. Drake asks his crew for a pen and writes a note to Chris. Random guy takes note back to Chris. It says, “I love you on America’s Got Talent.”

Chris Brown: I’m so angry! Now I must beat this note!

Chris throws note and hits another random guy. Some dude takes off his shirt. Fight breaks out. Chris Brown gets cut on his chin.

Chris Brown: You fucked up. I’m gonna tweet about this.

Drake: Make sure you mention me.

Chris Brown: What’s your twitter name?

Drake: @StillFuckingRihanna

Chris Brown: Okay. @StillFu… wait a minute!!!

The End of Real Rap Fueds.

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