Thoughts from a low level headliner

I’m in a strange place. I’m a stand up comedian. Reading those words feel unreal. What the hell is a stand up comedian anyway? I’m in a place where reality is losing it’s definition. I’ve read there is an age in our lives that define what mentality as an adult we are officially going to […]

The End Of A Decade!

I went to my first open mic on 4/20/2005. On 4/15/2016, I made my debut on the Tonight Show. 5 days before the end of 10 years telling jokes to strangers. These past 10 years were filled with so much life, learning and love for a craft that could have not paid off. What kept […]

“Love: The Nick’s Tape” – The Nick Guerra Interview

Nick Guerra has struck a chord with his fans. Sometimes other comedians’ fans also. In November 2015, Nick recorded two shows at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA for what would become his first comedy album. Through a deal with New Wave, his album was released by Comedy Dynamics, a company with quite […]