Behind every man… is someone waiting to cockblock.

Cockblockers come in all types and we all know of the more obvious ones. But there is one type that uses a move only obvious hours after the strike. Lets just call this type the Happy Helper. The Happy Helper is at every party. They like to walk around with a ringmaster swagger. They enjoy […]

What are the qualities good guys (men) actually look for in a woman?

I got asked this on my fanpage about a month ago. Here’s my answer. First off, you’re assuming I’m a good guy. As much as I can be a gentleman, part of me wishes I had the “asshole” switch. For the sake of this blog, I’ll just assume I’m a good guy too. Every good […]

Love Advice To End Your Love Life – Threesomes

So I was talking to a fellow comedian about a premise on bisexual girlfriends. He had a funny bit that sparked a recollection of a joke I once wanted to tell. Don’t worry, comedy police, the jokes are very different. The point of this post is because I always wanted to tell my piece but […]

Nick’s Theories – Why Hot Chicks Date Big, Goofy Guys

You ever look at a hot chick and think, “Damn, she has to be taken.” Then you see her boyfriend and you think, “Are you serious? That’s the guy!” He’s some goofy, tall, white guy with clothes that are a little too baggy, like an adult Dopey. “How did he get that chick?” Well, here’s […]

Girls Dating Older Guys Update

So you may have read my earlier post about the high school teacher that left his wife and kids for his student as soon as she turned 18. Well they broke up. Apparently he’s hit on other students before (No shit!) and is in jail. As for his “girlfriend”, she couldn’t believe that he lied […]