The 2nd Sucker Punch Comedy Show in Irvine!

The turn out keeps amazing us! Another great audience. The show had minor difficulties but we were all out of town until a week ago. We filmed videos about our life and showed it before our performances. What we didn’t realize is the sound was great on laptop but not on surround sound. And we forgot to introduce James onstage after his video played. Whoops! But all in all, we had lots of fun on the show. I got to perform some new material that I’ve been working on. I said I looked like Tim Lincecum and not one person responded so I’m never doing that again. To everyone that always wanted me to say it onstage, it didn’t work. Oh well. We are so thankful of everyone that came out and supported us. Trust me, the shows are just going to get better and funnier!

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