The First Cali Sucker Punch Show!

It was a success! We passed out tickets like crazy and it worked.

We went to different businesses and told them someone won. Best response we got was a girl at some clothing store, “It was probably me. I always win these things.” She did, she did.

Leading up to the show, we had all these sketches planned out and had to whittle it down. Most of them with a keyboard. Then James Ponce decided to take an impromptu flight to New York and there went our only keyboard player. “It’s okay, we have a week to come up with something.”

So the day of the show, we had nothing. “Man, we’re just going to end up doing a regular stand up show.” Then we took a trip to our local Dollar King (he’s the ruler of the Dollar General).

Thanks to the vast amount so of cheap props, we had a show! We almost bought sparklers. Next time, next time.

We get to the Irvine Improv at 9:45 PM. They have ropes set up for a line. Oh man, they are optimistic. We were hoping to have at least 40 people. “At least 40. Those people are gonna get rocked.”

We watched some people come get tickets at 10 PM for a 10:30 show that isn’t really supposed to start until 11 PM. “Okay, so… at least 4 people have tickets.”

Dustin, Anthony and Mark head over to the Yardhouse to prepare. I head over to Coffee Bean with a couple of friends because the stress of the night is giving me a headache and I need a something latte.

“Fancy coffee please.”

When I walked back to the club, there was a line. About 15 people! YAY! People want to see us.

I went to tell the guys at the Yardhouse.

When I walked back out, there was a bigger line! Oh my!

By the time the show was about to start seating the line went around the building… just one corner. But still, WOW! There was way more than 40 people.

As soon as everyone sat down, the show started. We did the Flo-Mo sketch live to start the show. Mark hosted. Anthony went up next and did his Austrian Dance Instructor as his closer. I went up and did my “Night Out” closer. Dustin went up and we all did the “Drunk Reality” closer and had way more volunteers than we needed. Show was a success! So much so, that we got a second date immediately.

Thank you to everyone that came out to the show. We were so excited to have people come out and support us.

Now we have a month to do it all over again. Oh man… maybe we’ll have a keyboard next time.

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