The End Of A Decade!

I went to my first open mic on 4/20/2005. On 4/15/2016, I made my debut on the Tonight Show. 5 days before the end of 10 years telling jokes to strangers.

These past 10 years were filled with so much life, learning and love for a craft that could have not paid off. What kept me going was my own belief in myself. That’s really it. I just kept believing I could make people laugh and that I could keep getting better.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my Tonight Show experience was to believe that something was going to happen. To put in the hard work. To pull away the safety net. To be a good person to everyone that you can. To always share the life, the lessons and the love for your craft.

Every time I got a big break in the business, I was turned down by a lesser opportunity right before it.

Every time I thought “What am I doing? I just need anything. I’ll take anything.” Well, the better thing took patience and hard work.

My journey is not like yours. But I’ll say this. Don’t frustrate yourself. Don’t throw everything at the wall. Focus. Force yourself to get better than you are. Always shake hands and be kind.

Not everyone will like you but get them to the point where they have to acknowledge that you work hard. It’s your job to make non-believers into believers.

Everyone that supported me before, during, now and in the future, THANK YOU!! I spent 10 years getting to know so many of you and I truly appreciate everyone that pops up in my comments, takes pictures and lets me know I made them laugh.

That’s what you see when I’m laughing onstage. Seeing you in the audience enjoying yourselves makes me so giddy that I laugh. I guess in a weird way, I’m returning the love.

You guys are the best! Jimmy Fallon was the nicest and he was so welcoming. I don’t even know if I could have had more happiness during the whole thing. Maybe if we shot up in a glass elevator and floated around the city. Ha ha!!

Thank you everyone! You guys are the best. Let’s start off year 11 and see where it goes!

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19 Responses to The End Of A Decade!

  1. Lisa Zamarripa says:

    You’re the best Nick! You deserve everything coming your way. You’re jokes are classic and make me crack up hard! I’ve seen you twice, bought your iTunes album and can’t wait to see you next time you swing back to Houston.

  2. Lisa Zamarripa says:

    Your jokes* yes, I’m correcting my typo.

  3. FREDRICK says:

    U did job out there. & u are an inspiration to all of us in the business. Especially us hispanics. We don’t see one of us doing well. I would like to congratulate u angry all ur accomplishments. The sky is the limit. But let’s go Higher…. Once again Great Job. BUDDY.

  4. Richard Grimm says:

    Great job Nick. I think the tonight show is one of any comic’s pinnacle in show business. I truly believe you had made it through had work and determination. Everyone appreciate your words of inspiration. Enjoy your sucess, and I hope the best for you.

  5. Caroline says:

    Hey Nick! You’re set was great. Your blog entry helped me out immensely. I’m moving to Los Angeles this summer because I got into The Groundling’s School. I’m so very nervous but you’re words are helping to stay motivated! See you around!!

  6. Evelyn Bravo says:

    Hey. .
    Congrats on all the success. Haven’t had a chance to see u live. But totally looking forward to it. You seem pretty down to earth. Stay humble. Your on the road to bigger better things. .
    Hope to see u soon.

  7. tiffany witherspoon says:

    Hey, so i’m tiffany, i watch the tonight show on hulu usually a day or two late and just got finished watching you for the first time. your name sounds familiar but i didn’t recognize you. none the less, i just really wanted to learn about you, reach out, say hi, lol. and um you really rocked it, i had giggles, i had belly laughs all of it 🙂 and of course, short or not, you are devilishly handsome, you didn’t need the suit, but damn, tip that tailor 😉 so hi from VA from a new fan. im sure you will have a great millennial fan base, but fun fact, im an old school 80s kid 😛 so i dig it >.< finally thanks for believing in you and honing your craft, laughter is the best medicine and you're now one of my prescriptions lol peace!

  8. Peggy Lynn says:

    Nick, I had never heard of you but saw you on the Tonight Show and thought you were fantastic. Usually the ‘less knowns’ on the big shows aren’t that good, but you had me laughing out loud the whole time. You also looked really comfortable and confident and just knocked it out of the park. Really really well done. Those 10 years clearly paid off! Keep on keepin on. I wish you continued success and will look for you in my local clubs! Come to northern Virginia/DC when you can. All the best.

  9. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow Nick! I, too, just had the chance to watch your 4/15/16 Tonite show performance…OUTA the Park!! The closing spider web bit was fantastic and so funny. Happy 11 year anniversary tomorrow, and Congratulations! You are great, and this 4/16 post you wrote is truly inspiring. Thanks and Love

  10. Sergio front row says:

    Saw you tonite in the mall of america’s rick bronsons house of comedy.
    My wife and i had a blast. Great show. Thanks for the laughs. Hopefully we’ll see you again The rest of the comedians were awesome too. 01/05/2017

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