Stop picking on poor Bieber.

So everyone has their opinions about Justin’s released deposition video, like he meant for it to be released. Now I’m always a hater. But what I pride myself on is being a hater with facts. Truth is, you guys are upset at the way he is acting because of the DWI charge. This video isn’t about that. It’s about a lawsuit from some photographer that got “man-handled” by Bieber’s bodyguard. Bieber isn’t talking to police, he’s talking to the photographer’s lawyer. So lets see if we can relive the situation.

Photographers rush Bieber. Bodyguard handles it to the best of his ability. Bieber gets sued. Why? Because his bodyguard didn’t give everyone hugs and high fives.

Bieber is a scrawny kid. I’m a scrawny adult. You know what scares scrawny people. People rushing to them. Its frightening! People out size would not survive in a stampede. Thank God I never elicit a stampede of people rushing to me.

That’s where it differs with Bieber. Not only does he have fans rushing him, he has mothers of fans, fathers of fans, older brothers of fans, haters, mothers of haters, fathers of hater… so on and so on. Case in point, Bieber was just in McAllen, TX, my home town. People rushed to see him at a Hot Topic and chaos ensued. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t there because if you take a second to think, “What the hell is Beiber going to buy at Hot Topic? An ironic shirt of himself?”, you’d realize why is he hanging out at a mall.

Plus he isn’t the first celebrity to get in trouble over what a bodyguard did. Remember Snoop and his performance at the MTV VMA awards when he performed “Murder was the Case” and said “I’m innocent.” Yeah, his bodyguard shot someone and they lumped them all into murder charges. Bieber just needs to have his “Murder was the Case” moment.

So on that note, I’m not hating. I’m a performer, definitely not a famous one, and I’ve had my hair bitten, pulled, I’ve been carried, I’ve had someone try to put their hands on my adam’s apple, all in San Francisco. Needless to say, I’m hesitant when I see people walk up to me. Should Bieber be sued for what his bodyguard did? No but like Biggie said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

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