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christian louboutin outlet store design rookie in order to obtain industry awards and huge investment hard-won. To become the next Prada, Giorgio Armani, designers need to consider how sustainable business, to seek long-term investment and get a good reputation in the industry. Designer Kirkwood that the first decade and the second decade is completely different from the two stages, 'the first decade you need to determine their own brand style, and then you need to do ten years is to continue to consolidate, expand and explore the fit Brand of other products. 'The first decade: laying the foundation for sales London's Eiesha Bharti Pasricha is the British designer brands Roksanda and Jonathan Saunders investors, he said:' The fashion industry and other industries, the test of people Patience, initiative, but also understand the alternative, usually a new brand to spend ten years to break 10 million pounds annual sales mark.Every day there are numerous new brand was born, the market is highly saturated .10 years to lay a solid fan christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet The base is a long time, but compared with many classic brands, this decade is insignificant, so the brand will be compared with the classic brand is very unfair. '(Above: Jonathan Saunders 2015 ~ 2016 autumn and winter series) Gesina Gudehus-Wittern, an adviser to the consultancy Vivaldi Partners Group, who has a background in the luxury goods industry, agrees with the view that the decade is a tipping point that fully reflects the endurance and strategy of a designer. Some designers become famous early, but as long as the brand's performance is excellent enough, the designer has sufficient capacity to express their brand planning, no investors will care about age. In 2015 ushered in the brand celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founder of the brand's creative director at the same time, the development process is similar, but the brand development speed is fast and slow. In Erdem Moralioglu, for example, the designer was one of the first of several other colleagues to open his first store in discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet Mayfair Mount Street, London's wealthy neighborhood. Another designer Alexander Wang has opened 25 stores, this summer in London has just opened the world's largest flagship store (below). But they think: 'They have their own vision of strategic development, how to build a clear brand, not just fashion. They are very clear to their customer base, how to improve the service. They do not have too much for clothing on the idea of ​​tall, Consider the more is how to get sufficient funds.The older generation of designers, while building the brand but also responsible for creativity, and often can not have both fish and bear's paw, and some of them have a good design capability but the business Gudehus-Wittern commented: 'The fashion industry changes, their quality. Ten years of results for the designer of the new army of the future summoned the confidence of the new category, which is a new look, this is a new look, The whole fashion industry's environment requires the brand to get more investment discount christian louboutin