More from the Comedy Warrior!

Last night was another great moment for me! Being on this season of Last Comic Standing was very exciting. I’ve been lucky to have so many fun opportunities in my stand up career. I tried so hard to thank everyone that laughed at my stuff.

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Thank you to all the people that have supported me throughout this and welcome to the new fans that found me. Filming this episode was so intense. My stomach was turning. Every comic had a different way of dealing with the anticipation. I can never eat before a show, so being the last comic up meant I was hungry! Like eat the stuff in the corners of the pan hungry. After I got offstage, I returned to find all the food gone. I told myself, “Next time, I’m saving a plate and hiding it.”

Anyway, it’s 6 AM. I replied all I could. I am going to write more and I’m going to film a full version of my “Girls Going Out” routine so you guys can see it raw and uncut! Thank you again for all the kind words.

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3 Responses to More from the Comedy Warrior!

  1. Lauren says:

    Good to hear you are posting a long version. I was dying laughing, fave comic of the premiere. Can’t wait to share the vid!

  2. Christina G says:

    Ive seen you do a simular set uncut and live in Vegas at a free show we stumbled upon. It was tons of laughs all the way through. I am horrible with names but I told myself I gotra follow that guy! Hes real good! Took all my close friends to see a Cali show on my bday. And they are all fans. We all watched you last night cheering you on. Cant wait to see another show. Youre gonna blow up!

  3. Elisa Marie Gonzalez says:

    You’re awesome Nick! Congrats! Very happy for you. Your fan from Miami (Alaska Cruise)

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