Holy Casting Catastrophe, Batman!


So I decided yesterday to wear my new Batman t-shirt because I want to show it off. Five minutes into being out, people started to ask me how I felt about Ben Affleck. I had no clue what they were talking about because I logged off Facebook for an hour prior to work out. Finally, someone told me, “Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman.” When I first heard the news, it didn’t really strike any chord because I was getting ready to host a show. So my quick answer was, “Okay. Cool.”

It wasn’t until someone said, “I mean, I doubted when I heard Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker but look how that turned out.” Then it all clicked… “Ooohhh!!! Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman. Like in the Batman Superman movie. Ooohh!!!” That’s exactly how it was said in my head. Then I had to choose a way to feel and I was like, “Okay. Cool.” Because…

It doesn’t matter who plays Batman really. The greatness in the movie is dependent on the story. I think Affleck can go see how it’s been done and really figure Batman out. I’m guessing it’s much harder to figure out how to become a Batman villain than Batman. Plus I think when people hear Ben Affleck, the mind pictures him a lot younger than he actually is.

Being cast as Batman isn’t the challenge, the acting comes out with Bruce Wayne. How the story portrays Bruce Wayne is the biggest hurdle. Hopefully they don’t cheese Bruce up.

Will it be better than the last trilogy? Well, it’s more of a sequel to Man of Steel (which was just okay to me) than a separate Batman movie, so no. It will not be better than three huge movies but it will be fun to watch.

Craziest thing is the petition. Guess what. No matter how big a petition you sign, the studio knows that the movie will be hugely successful because Batman is not just a comic nerd hero. Daredevil, yes. That was a comic nerd hero. Green Lantern, comic nerd hero. Wolverine, not just a comic nerd hero. Ironman is now Robert Downey Jr. The Flash, extreme comic nerd hero. The list can really go on.

I’m a Batman fan but I’m not THAT Batman fan. Here’s my Batman history. When I was young, I had a huge blue book that was a collection of all the earliest Batman comics (I think I jacked it from a cousin somehow by being cute and adorable). I have a Batman handbook. Somewhere in my dad’s house, I have framed Batman art concepts from Batman Returns and put together toy models of the vehicles from the film. I have a few collectible cards from 1988 Batman and the entire collection of cards from Batman Forever (except for the hologram extras). When Batman and Robin came out, one of my parents woke me up in the morning to ask me what was Batman’s butler’s full name. Without much thought, I answered and fell back asleep. Apparently they called into a radio contest and won free passes to see the movie. My dad took off work and let me skip school to go see it with him. I enjoyed the after school cartoons. I even have the Batman VS Predator comics somewhere. This still doesn’t make me a hardcore Batman fan. Trust me, I’ve met hardcore Batman fans.

So here’s what I’ve decided. I’m going to enjoy the next Batman movie because I like Batman movies. He’s my favorite movie. Go ahead, Ben, do what you got to do. I hope Batman shows Superman what’s up.

But if they try to make a Ghostbusters without Rick Moranis, I will sign a thousand petitions. DON’T MESS WITH GHOSTBUSTERS… EVER!

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