What does a girl look for in a man?

For centuries, man has asked one question over and over again. “What does a girl look for in a man?” I was listening to the radio where the DJs were having a “selfie contest” between two chicks. Listeners were encouraged to vote on who they think took the best selfie. The girls called in and were allowed to champion their position as best selfie. They both sounded exactly the same. Ghetto and completely uninteresting.

The DJ went on to ask them the same question. “Are you single and what do you look for in a man?” What proceeded were the two most boring answers that every girl always gives. “You know, confidence and I don’t really have a type.” The other day I read an article where a comedian I know asked 4 girls he tried to date why they weren’t into him. They also gave another version of the same boring answer; “We just didn’t click.”

Blah blah blah!!!

Now, remember every girl looks for confidence, so I will confidently tell you the correct answer to that question: Who gives a shit!

That’s what girls look for in a man. Someone that doesn’t worry about what girls look for in a man. All you can offer is what you have to offer. A woman is never going to tell you exactly what she is looking for because it would hurt your feelings. Trust me. If you have to ask, you aren’t it.

You want to be what a girl wants, then go be something. Anything. Some girl will find that attractive. Take a shower while you’re at it. Don’t be a big stinky. Dress for the job you want, and not the job you have.

Now, you might ask yourself, “Nick, are you sure about this?” I’m confident about this answer: No! I have no idea why some girls find me attractive and I have no idea why some don’t. I can’t win them all but I can convince a few to let me look at them naked. Here’s what saves me every night: I confidently don’t expect to ever get laid. It’s worked for me so far. I’ve probably missed out on a few but hey, they should have said something. I’m dumb.

Real talk now. No girl likes to be “interviewed”. If the conversation is full of you asking her questions, cut your losses and pack it up. Especially if you ask her about her love life. You don’t actually give a shit about her love life. Some guy has done one thing way better than you and you don’t need that in your head. Trust me. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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6 Responses to What does a girl look for in a man?

  1. tanya says:

    you are so right on! I just wish more guys read this and stop wasting girl time and get to point either you hve or you dont. let keep it moving and enjoy life!

  2. Eggscramble says:

    Greeting Nick,

    I’ve been following a lot of your material lately since I saw you on Last Comic. You’re a very funny guy and look at things intelligently. However, I do have some issues with your take on women. I notice that comics who touch on the topics of dating, women, or the opposite sex in general tend to portray it in a disrespectful manner. It would be more accurate if you presented these problems as quirks that both men and women have rather than pinning it all on women. Women are not all crazy, just like not all men are over-sexed bastards. It’s a line I’ve been hearing forever: Oh, the crazy aggressive woman. What exactly does that mean? The problems between men and women and dating will never be completely ironed out, I don’t think they are meant to be. I read several of your blog entries that touched on attracting women, threesomes, etc. I think men and women genuinely wanting to know one another would be a better outlook to have rather than ‘how likely will it be that I will get laid?’ True, there are women who drive their men nuts. True, their are women who can never seem to date a nice guy. But, think of the flip side. How many guys do you know that are also willing to wait for a nice girl? How many would give up meaningless sex so that they could finally meet the right person? I’m not saying there aren’t nice men or women, of course there are. But I’ve seen some of the nicest guys act selfishly because they get influenced by their alpha male buddies. Girls aren’t the only ones that get their heads gassed up by their girlfriends. If a nice guy told his buddies that he was getting to the person he was dating, they’d all scream ‘Dude, just hurry up and f*&^ her!’ in unison. I have seen it happen firsthand. It’s a tension that both men and women need to work on, it’s an everyday adjustment. I think using a label like “crazy women” is very unfair and should be re-looked.

    • Nick says:

      I see your point. The article you commented on is actually anti-man. If you read most of the blogs, most of them are about how men need to change in order to make a woman happy. The threesome article was directed towards men to stop asking women for that fantasy. I’m actually very pro-women and if you’ve been to a live show, there is always that notion in the background of my material. I’ve anticipated this type of response before and I’ll tell you a big reason I write about women and dating instead of men and dating: I don’t date guys. I don’t know what it’s like to date a guy. I can’t write about that. But I do write about the moronic thoughts men have. Now, do I really believe all women are crazy. No but to catch the attention of an audience, you have to write in headlines. Its the same trick magazines, newspapers, movies and literature uses. You make a statement, you catch their attention, then you show them your point. Thank you for reading and watching my material. I’m very pro-women. I love them. Oh and read this blog I wrote: http://nickguerra.com/index.php/what-are-the-qualities-good-guys-men-actually-look-for-in-a-woman/

      It is talking about exactly what you wrote to me.

  3. Yesenia R. says:

    I honestly don’t know if I prefer your blogs or your standup!! I saw your show for the first time 2 weeks ago and I instantly connected with your comedy. As I’m reading your blogs it’s clear to me you understand women, and you understand that before a man or a woman can be happy in a relationship they first have to find happiness in their lives as individuals. You’re on the right track Nick, and I wish most people would think this way. No other person can ever complete you, you gotta get your shit straight, find your happiness and mission in life and hope that you can find someone who has also found their happiness as has their shit straight. Anyway, see ya at the improv in Ontario, taking a few friends to catch your show. Ps. We women are CRAZYYY!! Lol

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