Girls Dating Older Guys

Another high school teacher/student controversy is in the news of Yahoo. This is the creepy kind since it’s a male teacher/female student and not the other way around, which should be just as creepy but isn’t for some reason. Is there a reason why this happens? Is this girl a moron? The answer to those questions is yes. Here’s my theory on the reason.

Hooker and Powers during an ABC news interview. (ABC)
James Hooker – 41 and Jordan Powers – 18. He left his wife and three kids for her.
From a very young age, girls are told that to lead a happy life, you have to find a stable man. Someone who looks in control and has their life together. Dumb girls hear this and think it means find an older guy. “He has a career, a car, a house and sometimes even a family. That’s stable, right? He’s obviously got it together. I’m gonna write him a note on my Hello Kitty paper.”

If you have a daughter you should explain to her, some older guys are just that. Older guys, and guys for the most part are still terrible human beings. (Women are too but I’ll get to that one day.)

If you have a teenager, explain to them they are idiots. But it’s okay… as time goes on, you become less of one. A teenage girl hasn’t learned all the lies a man will tell to get in her pants. The older the man the better his lies are. Older men know what to say because they’ve tried almost every wrong way to say it. Babe Ruth once said, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” And every female student that teacher hit on brought him closer his homeroom homerun.

In all honesty, he probably hit on tons throughout his years. This girl was just the one with the least going on in her life. Although, it probably doesn’t take much to impress a teenage girl. Wine, rated R movies and an Ipod with no “funny” songs is probably all it takes.

Teenage girls need to understand that although you may hate dealing with guys your age, you need to make those mistakes. You need to listen to everything a guy will tell you to figure out what you really want to hear. Any older man who hits on a teenage girl gave up dealing with women his age because he was too dumb for them. Along with that note, if you date an older married guy, you have failed. If he is willing to lie to his wife, he is definitely lying to you.

Teenagers: Let life happen. You are going to have pretty bad moments with guys. It’s better to have those moments with someone you can outsmart. Most of the guys you date before the age of 21 aren’t going to be in your life long. (I know there are some high school sweethearts, but for the sake of sanity, realize I’m not talking about you directly.)

If a man has a home, a wife, children, a career that can be destroyed because of you and still hits on you, you have just met one of the biggest morons. And only a moron would love a moron.

Oh and stop shooting each other, teenagers. All those “popular” people in high school are at their peak and won’t do much else outside of that. They will continue to get drunk at the same parties until they are fat and content. This one is a fact.

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