By now, everyone knows about the Chik-Fil-A standoff. The biggest problem I see is the fact that the CEO thought we gave a shit about his beliefs. His remark did nothing to help anyone at all. Not one soul benefited from his statement. I understand that people will say, “This is about Freedom of Speech”. The problem is not the opinion. Whether you are for or against gay marriage isn’t the issue here. It’s the actions the opinion validated. Freedom of Speech is a right but not everything needs to be voiced. Not every American has something beneficial to say. We would like to believe that we all count and our voice is special and blah blah blah… but we all know a few morons that just need to keep their mouth shut.

At what point did it become Christian to cause more anxiety and hate for a nation on edge with so many other issues. This need to testify is a lame attempt at being the “teacher’s pet” of God. And at whose expense? At the expense of the already frightened gay person who is coming to terms with a feeling that may be detested by not only strangers, but family members who have no idea. No straight person will have their life affected by the Chik-Fil-A stance. All this created was a new separation that never needed to exist. Gay and Straight are not two rival sports teams. This is not a competition with a winner.

And let’s be honest, the base of this debate is about who a person loves. All of us know a few straight people that shouldn’t be together at all but we don’t ban them from eating with us.

Chik-Fil-A was a treat during my childhood. Introducing it to people was always fun. Now the experience is scarred. Even if I decide to stop for a quick bite from now on, I will feel just a bit ashamed. It’s like shaking the hand of that guy you work with who talks shit about everyone. You never want to get close because who knows what they say about you.

I understand that Chik-Fil-A’s goal wasn’t to create such a stir but that is the problem with putting out an unnecessary opinion into the hands of the ignorant. The opinion was taken, twisted and squeezed until it oozed with nothing but hate. People are saying that Dan Cathy is getting a “bad rap”. Well, he forgot one consequence of opening your mouth in America… you can’t please everyone. He dished it and he needs to take it. Much like gangster rap was criticized for accidentally championing the gangster lifestyle, Chik-Fil-A has become an accidental symbol for homophobia. Unfortunately, Chik-Fil-A can’t claim artistic expression. There is no Parental Advisory label that will clear this snafu up.

If you are a CEO, a president, even a mailroom attendant of any “family product”, keep your opinions on religion, relationships and lifestyle to yourself. You need to focus on waffle fries. Remember, every American, gay or straight, has a family and they don’t need you telling them how to live and who to love.

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