How Men are Smarter than Women – Nick’s Theories

I’ve been meaning to make this a video but screw it, I’m writing it out. I’ve only performed part of this onstage once. Here’s my theory on how men are smarter than women… by percentages. Now I’m going to have a disclosure before I continue. There are just as many smart women as there are […]

Finally Get It!

I think I figured out why Ke$ha is so marketable. I, like many people I’ve met, think she is a terrible artist. No singing chops, not the greatest looking, probably stinky. But here’s the selling point. All girls love to sing. Not all girls can sing. So Ke$ha is the artist for shitty singing girls. […]

Analyst This!

Isn’t it funny when you’ve had a thought just living in your head for a few years, then it becomes news. Yahoo news that is. Analysts are a big reason for rising gas prices. I’ve always believed this only because every news report that discussed rising gas prices started with, “Analysts predict…” Of course analysts […]

The No Pregnancy Pledge

2013 is officially 10 months away. Many people think the world is going to end before that. So what does that mean… End of the World Sex! It will probably be sloppy, sad and unprotected on that day. If you believe in the end of the world then you believe in preparation for it. I […]


So people are upset with Ben and Jerry’s Lin-sanity Ice Cream because one of the ingredients was fortune cookies. I understand getting upset when the subject that is being offended cannot defend itself, like frogs being depicted as lovers of pigs. Jeremy Lin is a person! If he doesn’t give a shit, why should anyone […]