Why Can’t I Just Be Funny!?!

I recently tweeted “How to piss off a Mexican Comedian: Book him on only Latino shows even though he doesn’t do Latino jokes.” Someone asked me to explain, so here it is. One of the most upsetting moments in my comedy career so far happened in 2009 or 2010. My roommate was requested to feature […]

Things I Don’t Want to See Anymore

In the spirit of Abigail Evans’s extremely cute video, I also have a few things I’m tired of. This list grows and grows for me everyday. Here’s 7 things. 1. Special Effect Baby Videos – Are we really still impressed with what a computer generated baby can do? I get it! It’s something adorable doing […]


By now, everyone knows about the Chik-Fil-A standoff. The biggest problem I see is the fact that the CEO thought we gave a shit about his beliefs. His remark did nothing to help anyone at all. Not one soul benefited from his statement. I understand that people will say, “This is about Freedom of Speech”. […]

We’re all nerds!

That’s right! Nerds! No matter how cool we think we are, it takes nerdiness to keep up that cool. No one wants to be a nerd but in order to be the best at anything you have to be. Lets go through examples. Rappers – These are “street” poets. They carry around notebooks and think […]

The Real End of the World!

Dec. 21, 2012. That’s the infamous date. People are building bunkers, learning Krav Maga and stocking up on dehydrated eggs in preparation for the “apocalypse”. No one is certain what will happen but I have a theory that the end of the world will actually begin in Sept. 2013. Let me start by explaining that […]