Stop picking on poor Bieber.

So everyone has their opinions about Justin’s released deposition video, like he meant for it to be released. Now I’m always a hater. But what I pride myself on is being a hater with facts. Truth is, you guys are upset at the way he is acting because of the DWI charge. This video isn’t […]

So you want to be funny?

I get asked at least once every other week for advice on how to start being a comedian. I’m not sure why anyone would think I know what I’m doing since I still consider myself a new comedian. I haven’t even spanned a decade yet. Fact of the matter is I get asked and there […]

Defending Dane Cook

Before I start I want to stress that I don’t know Dane and I’m not doing this to get any kind of edge with him. The closest I’ve got to working with him is when I had to follow him and Dave Attell one night at a Comedy Juice show at the Hollywood Improv. I’m […]

The Death of Gangsta Rap

“What music do you like?” is probably the most asked question after “What’s your name?” when meeting someone. While most people casually reply, “Oh I like everything”, truth is we all have a genre of music we love more than others and nothing is better to me than a great rap album. The first spark […]

5 Ways Women Are Like Steve Urkel

1. They waltz in your place with some crazy idea they just have to tell you. 2. When they mess up, they actually wonder, “Did I do that?” 3. Sometimes, they just straight up ask you for money. “Got any cheese?” 4. If you are around when they fall, they announce it “I’ve fallen and […]