The Artist On The Rise – The Seriousness of Comedy pt 2 of ?

I watched Fred Armisen’s Stand Up For Drummers and it kind of solidified a “theory” I’ve had rattling in my brain for the past couple of months. My theory was just powder gelatin and now it feels more like a jello mold moments away from being finished and ready to consume. I’ve talked to a […]

Stop picking on poor Bieber.

So everyone has their opinions about Justin’s released deposition video, like he meant for it to be released. Now I’m always a hater. But what I pride myself on is being a hater with facts. Truth is, you guys are upset at the way he is acting because of the DWI charge. This video isn’t […]

So you want to be funny?

I get asked at least once every other week for advice on how to start being a comedian. I’m not sure why anyone would think I know what I’m doing since I still consider myself a new comedian. I haven’t even spanned a decade yet. Fact of the matter is I get asked and there […]

Defending Dane Cook

Before I start I want to stress that I don’t know Dane and I’m not doing this to get any kind of edge with him. The closest I’ve got to working with him is when I had to follow him and Dave Attell one night at a Comedy Juice show at the Hollywood Improv. I’m […]

The Death of Gangsta Rap

“What music do you like?” is probably the most asked question after “What’s your name?” when meeting someone. While most people casually reply, “Oh I like everything”, truth is we all have a genre of music we love more than others and nothing is better to me than a great rap album. The first spark […]