Love with a Comedian or How Comedy Ruined My Loved Life

Victoria, TX – 2006 In the meet and greet line after the show, an attractive woman walks up to me and whispers, “If I wasn’t married, I’d fuck you.” Yup. And I was only in my first year of comedy. Sounds like a big compliment, right? Actually there is an unwritten road gig theory on […]

The Bitter Years

After a hometown show, I asked a friend I’ve known since high school what she remembered about me in my teen years. My memories tend to be in snapshots instead of full memories so I lose details of my life almost instantly. She told me, while laughing, “You were always so bitter with girls.” That’s […]

What does a girl look for in a man?

For centuries, man has asked one question over and over again. “What does a girl look for in a man?” I was listening to the radio where the DJs were having a “selfie contest” between two chicks. Listeners were encouraged to vote on who they think took the best selfie. The girls called in and […]

Behind every man… is someone waiting to cockblock.

Cockblockers come in all types and we all know of the more obvious ones. But there is one type that uses a move only obvious hours after the strike. Lets just call this type the Happy Helper. The Happy Helper is at every party. They like to walk around with a ringmaster swagger. They enjoy […]

What are the qualities good guys (men) actually look for in a woman?

I got asked this on my fanpage about a month ago. Here’s my answer. First off, you’re assuming I’m a good guy. As much as I can be a gentleman, part of me wishes I had the “asshole” switch. For the sake of this blog, I’ll just assume I’m a good guy too. Every good […]