I do wonder if I’m confusing. (But aren’t we all?)

My personality feels right but rigid. There’s times I try to be cool but I come off frigid. I open up when I’m in lights but feel uncomfortable in crowds. I dream about reaching new heights but rarely out loud. I play with insults for sport I take my ideas to court I’ve felt love […]

My Interview With Lupe, proud mother of a professional mountain climber!

On a foggy Tuesday afternoon, I found myself outside what looked like a double-cabana-shack hybrid. I can’t fathom any architect that would design such an abode so I just assumed it was self built by the person I’m here to interview. As I waited for my interviewee to come back from her kitchen with a […]

The Night That Helped Me Wake Up With A Smile

For those of you that have kept up with my updates, live streams and such, you probably remember the time that I announced that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. I don’t know if I ever told you how I got to the place of finally seeing a doctor. I am a stubborn man when […]

The Love Letter I Should Have Sent

My favorite part of it all was making you laugh. It’s crazy to think that it all started when we caught each other’s eye. Maybe it was a quick “well, will you look at that”. A brief moment of pure wonder since not a word had been spoken yet. Not any idea of the cadence […]

Stop picking on poor Bieber.

So everyone has their opinions about Justin’s released deposition video, like he meant for it to be released. Now I’m always a hater. But what I pride myself on is being a hater with facts. Truth is, you guys are upset at the way he is acting because of the DWI charge. This video isn’t […]