The First Cali Sucker Punch Show!

It was a success! We passed out tickets like crazy and it worked. We went to different businesses and told them someone won. Best response we got was a girl at some clothing store, “It was probably me. I always win these things.” She did, she did. Leading up to the show, we had all […]

Dude, she took what?!?

So here’s one of my first road stories. My buddy got he and I booked on a road gig. Besides being paid for comedy finally, we didn’t have to worry about gas. His girlfriend at the time was going to drive us all the way. No money loss. It was Corpus Christi, TX. Big time! […]

Chicago Recap

I’m still recovering from the whole experience. So much happened in less than 36 hours. Lets do a quick recap. Started with getting a ride to the airport from my buddy, Dustin Ybarra. We take my car. He jokes about driving it to San Jose. I start to go through security and realize I forgot […]