Talking About Billy Ep #3: Billy Fried Chicken w Steve Halasz

So I’m hoping to make this a weekly podcast. This week my guest was Steve Halasz, who really brought a lot of stories with him. Steve and I have enjoyed many nights of trading comedy stories and theories. We actually talked for about 3 hours. I recorded an hour of it and edited the stories […]

Defending Dane Cook

Before I start I want to stress that I don’t know Dane and I’m not doing this to get any kind of edge with him. The closest I’ve got to working with him is when I had to follow him and Dave Attell one night at a Comedy Juice show at the Hollywood Improv. I’m […]

“Don’t forget us when you’re famous!”

That is something I’ve heard ever since I started comedy. I’ve heard it from relatives, old friends and sometimes people I just met. I understand it’s a thing to say but it never feels right to hear. Especially after a great conversation with someone I haven’t talked to for years. It reminds me that people […]

Why Can’t I Just Be Funny!?!

I recently tweeted “How to piss off a Mexican Comedian: Book him on only Latino shows even though he doesn’t do Latino jokes.” Someone asked me to explain, so here it is. One of the most upsetting moments in my comedy career so far happened in 2009 or 2010. My roommate was requested to feature […]

Comedy Central Made A Meme for Me!

They did this!  Ha ha!