The Reason You Don’t See Your New Favorite Comedian Perform As Much

I get lots of messages asking me when I’ll be back in a city here or there. When will I be the headliner? So on. Here’s the business math behind it all. Before we start, we have to acknowledge that I’m an unknown headliner. “But I know you!” Yes and thank you. Here’s what makes […]

“Love: The Nick’s Tape” – The Nick Guerra Interview

Nick Guerra has struck a chord with his fans. Sometimes other comedians’ fans also. In November 2015, Nick recorded two shows at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA for what would become his first comedy album. Through a deal with New Wave, his album was released by Comedy Dynamics, a company with quite […]

To all the female comedians…

I’m sorry you have to put up with so much shit. Every few weeks, I hear a female comic talk about some unidentified male comic that abused her in some way. It absolutely sucks to hear and it’s actually upsetting when I’m told the stories and never get a name. I understand the fear of […]

10 years and what kept me going…

People always wonder why a person would start doing stand up but they never ask why they keep doing stand up.  Plenty of people start doing stand up every year and stop.  I never really thought of quitting stand up since I first tried it and I think I know why. I grew up in […]

A Decade Begins…

I’ve finally reached a decade in comedy.  The fact that it was 4/20 was just a coincidence but maybe that helped people laugh at my first set.  It was a Wednesday night at the West End Theater in Dallas.  I almost didn’t go in but I worked up the nerve and signed up. People always […]