The First Laugh

“Batman and Robin” starts with a big, long, flashy intro. The first line you hear is Robin saying “I want a car. Chicks dig a car.” Then Batman says, “This is why Superman works alone.” That first punch lets you know this is just a comic book movie. Don’t take it too serious. (And, man, […]

The 6 Most Insulting Things To Do To A Creative Person

I’m a grump. Most of my friends and family know this by now. My biggest fans are realizing it. People new to my life don’t know it but they’ll eventually see it. But my grumpiness is usually justifiable. I’m never angry without a good reason. I’m never frustrated just to be frustrated. At times, I’m […]

Life gets strange. Find the fun in it.

I’ve been heckled by dry erase board at a computer hackers conference. I’ve interviewed a man while he was suspended by hooks at a tattoo convention. I got flown out to New York to be ignored over dinner and drinks. I’ve been to Italy twice. I hit a deer in Kansas. I lived in Miami […]

Hugging the Rush

Chasing after laughter is very childish. In fact, once a child knows how to make you laugh, they will repeat whatever they did again and again. It’s like a little madman that invented a gold making machine and just keeps hitting the lever. Throughout our lives, humor is quieted. Sometimes quickly. It’s a disruption. Because […]

Love with a Comedian or How Comedy Ruined My Loved Life

Victoria, TX – 2006 In the meet and greet line after the show, an attractive woman walks up to me and whispers, “If I wasn’t married, I’d fuck you.” Yup. And I was only in my first year of comedy. Sounds like a big compliment, right? Actually there is an unwritten road gig theory on […]