10 years and what kept me going…

People always wonder why a person would start doing stand up but they never ask why they keep doing stand up.  Plenty of people start doing stand up every year and stop.  I never really thought of quitting stand up since I first tried it and I think I know why. I grew up in […]

A Decade Begins…

I’ve finally reached a decade in comedy.  The fact that it was 4/20 was just a coincidence but maybe that helped people laugh at my first set.  It was a Wednesday night at the West End Theater in Dallas.  I almost didn’t go in but I worked up the nerve and signed up. People always […]

My Last Comic Experience… So far!! Nick #ComicComeback

Today is the end of the 1st round for Last Comic Standings Comic Comeback Contest. It’s crazy how this became a full time campaign for both Alingon and I. Both of us have friends, family and fans not only telling us how much we deserve this but how much the other guy doesn’t. That’s what […]

More from the Comedy Warrior!

Last night was another great moment for me! Being on this season of Last Comic Standing was very exciting. I’ve been lucky to have so many fun opportunities in my stand up career. I tried so hard to thank everyone that laughed at my stuff. Thank you to all the people that have supported me […]

“I want to travel”

People always say that they would love a job where you travel a lot. Well here’s a quick recap of the past few days. We start Tuesday at LAX, 5:25 AM for a 6:45 AM flight. That’s already too late. There is no time early enough to get to LAX. I show my loyalty to […]