Life gets strange. Find the fun in it.

I’ve been heckled by dry erase board at a computer hackers conference. I’ve interviewed a man while he was suspended by hooks at a tattoo convention. I got flown out to New York to be ignored over dinner and drinks. I’ve been to Italy twice. I hit a deer in Kansas. I lived in Miami […]

Hugging the Rush

Chasing after laughter is very childish. In fact, once a child knows how to make you laugh, they will repeat whatever they did again and again. It’s like a little madman that invented a gold making machine and just keeps hitting the lever. Throughout our lives, humor is quieted. Sometimes quickly. It’s a disruption. Because […]

Love with a Comedian or How Comedy Ruined My Loved Life

Victoria, TX – 2006 In the meet and greet line after the show, an attractive woman walks up to me and whispers, “If I wasn’t married, I’d fuck you.” Yup. And I was only in my first year of comedy. Sounds like a big compliment, right? Actually there is an unwritten road gig theory on […]

The End Of A Decade!

I went to my first open mic on 4/20/2005. On 4/15/2016, I made my debut on the Tonight Show. 5 days before the end of 10 years telling jokes to strangers. These past 10 years were filled with so much life, learning and love for a craft that could have not paid off. What kept […]

The Reason You Don’t See Your New Favorite Comedian Perform As Much

I get lots of messages asking me when I’ll be back in a city here or there. When will I be the headliner? So on. Here’s the business math behind it all. Before we start, we have to acknowledge that I’m an unknown headliner. “But I know you!” Yes and thank you. Here’s what makes […]