The Tail Lights of a Moment

In your adult life, people tend to drive off more than walk out. Watching a car disappear around a corner or driving the car and seeing a house blend into the block is… well, tough. It’s tough. As a traveling performer, you feel it when you’ve been in a town for almost a week. You […]

She said…

She said making em laugh. She said knowing that there might be a couple in the audience. They went through a rough year or two. Needed a night out. They got a babysitter to watch their son. They got dressed for a rare date night. She said they planned out a fun night. She said […]

The Artist On The Rise – The Seriousness of Comedy pt 2 of ?

I watched Fred Armisen’s Stand Up For Drummers and it kind of solidified a “theory” I’ve had rattling in my brain for the past couple of months. My theory was just powder gelatin and now it feels more like a jello mold moments away from being finished and ready to consume. I’ve talked to a […]

The Seriousness of Comedy (pt. 1 of ?)

I always hesitate to talk about comedy publicly. I much prefer to have the “shop talk” with only comedians at 2am while eating at a diner or in the green room between shows. I feel like as much as civilians* say they want to know more, it’s not really exciting going beyond the jokes. So […]

Be Happy With The Journey

I think I’m in a slump. I’m pretty sure I am. I’ve reached a point in the career where if I’m asked “What’s your next project/gig?”, I answer “I don’t know” with more worry than enthusiasm. Everyone thinks I’m working so it’s hard to get work. Everyone thinks I’m so in demand that no one […]