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For Club & Tour Bookings:
WME – Silvio Lund
Brook Forest Entertainment – Barb North
For College/University Bookings:
KP Comedy – Gina Kirkland

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21 Responses to Book Nick

  1. Ross says:


    Honestly, you’re doing a great job at what you’re doing. I came in, then left ten minutes later. Don’t mean to insult you though. I just watched you not only entertain, but make more people laugh than I could. I just really find that inspiring because I really want to do the same thing. I sound like a cheesy fucking dick head trying to make the world a better place, but shit comedy is closest thing to it.

    A Hopeful Comedian

    • Nick says:

      Comedy is great. You don’t ever have to play it down. Just have fun and write everything you can. It’s a great feeling when everything works out.

  2. Rocio Saucedo says:

    Nick! Just saw you at the Laugh for A Cause at the a Moose Lounge, you were hilarious! I’m an official fan! You’re awesome and can’t wait to see you at one of your shows! Thanks for the laughs.

  3. Joyce says:

    Hey Nick,
    I don’t have a FB/Twitter/Instagram, so just wanted to note on here I saw you last night at The Improv in SJ and you had my friends and I laughing the whole time. I took a pic w/you at the end and I forgot to mention that I love your long locks. Gives off an Eddie Vedder/Anthony Kiedis vibe! Thanks for coming to SJ!

  4. Hi there. says:

    Hi! You are beyond funny! I saw your stuff online. Have you done any bits on like the meaning of life? I just got a philosophy degree and have realized the only useful thing to do is comedy! Are you looking for any writers?

  5. Nora Rincon says:

    So excited you’re coming to Houston. We definitely will be there.

  6. Ricci says:

    Come to Hotlanta! Last comdian I saw was Fahim amwar. Hope your the next! Thanx for the laughs!

  7. Karen Sanchez says:

    Hey Nick

    Just saw your show at wiseguys. You’re hilarious, and thank you for making me laugh so much. Hope to see you soon again, maybe next time I will have the guts to ask you to take a picture with me. Keep making people laugh.

  8. Miri Hernandez says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’ve been a fan of yours since I saw you almost two years ago at the HA HA Comedy Club in North Hollywood. Since then I have moved to Appleton, Wisconsin. That’s about 25 minutes south of Green Bay, yes I am a HUGE packer fan and have always been so it’s pretty great living here. We have a pretty good comedy club in Appleton called, “Skyline Comedy Cafe”. They have good acts, and some have come from LA. I always keep thinking, “they should get Nick Guerra out here”. I think you would be great and the people here in Wisconsin are pretty easy to please haha. I would love to know how I could get you out here. Maybe I need to reach out to the Comedy Club and figure that out with them? Any sort of direction would help because I can’t wait to see you perform again!



  9. Jessica says:

    One year anniversary for my hubby and I. We will be seeing you in el Paso, TX. Can you mention his name and/or being married including his name?? Lol! We have VIP and it would be a nice surprise to him if he gets you are talking about him or us! Let me know if you can. OCT 26, 2016 is when we will be there….

  10. Taylor says:

    Hey Nick!
    Stoked to see you’re coming to Dallas this weekend to Hyena’s Comedy Club. I’m taking my boyfriend to the Thursday night show (2/9/17) for his birthday as he’s big into comedy. Going out on a limb here, but if possible, could you make a quick joke connection to Canadians, hockey or cancer doctors.. or just science? His name is Brandon and he has no idea we’re going to a comedy show, so that will be a fun surprise in itself but then if there was a shout-out he might lose it, for as much as your typical friendly canuck can do.

    Either way, can’t wait for the show!
    Best- Taylor

  11. Sarah says:

    Hey Nick!
    Saw your show for the first time Saturday night at Hyenas with my friends . You were awesome! We sat in the front! Laughed about your jokes the rest of the night!

  12. AK says:

    Just saw you at the laugh factory in Chicago today. You were INCREDIBLE! Flawless set, you had us rolling. Thank you so much for putting such a great exclamation on the evening.

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