Analyst This!

Isn’t it funny when you’ve had a thought just living in your head for a few years, then it becomes news. Yahoo news that is.

Analysts are a big reason for rising gas prices. I’ve always believed this only because every news report that discussed rising gas prices started with, “Analysts predict…” Of course analysts predict in favor of anything rising. They have nothing to lose. Very much in the same way Hollywood agents love to say no. When your job is based on predictions, you better have something to say in the meeting. And it better be something your boss wants to hear.

So what now… well… maybe that’s why this thought just lingers in your head. We all analyze hundreds of conundrums in our day. In the end, what the hell can you do? You can’t stop the analysts. At least they gave me the chance to use the word conundrum.

I’d probably delete this but eff it, I thought it once before.

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